A New England Campus Streetscape

Returning students to this New England campus were ‘wowed’ with the re-opening of a former street as an enhanced pedestrian walkway. “Didn’t there used to be a road here?” “It’s like magic!” were comments overheard. Phase 1 of this multi-block project has created a pedestrian-friendly walkway and eliminated vehicular traffic and parking. Streets were narrowed to become fully-accessible walks, with planting beds in place of sidewalks.

Custom-aggregate concrete pavers, bluestone and granite cobblestone paving is flanked by unique granite planter curbs. Both traditional English teak and custom granite benches and bike racks now accent this high-traffic corridor of the campus. Existing street trees were freed from restrictive paving and new plantings added including trees, flowering shrubs, groundcovers and bulbs, in irrigated beds in the former sidewalk areas. 

New historic-style site lighting poles conceal high-efficiency LED lamps and security is supplemented with ‘bluelight’ intercoms and cameras. A new, separated storm drainage system includes filtration and large below-grade detention structures which percolate water into the aquafer below. Fully 40% of the site is now converted from paving to permeable plant beds.