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Our practice is founded on skillful analysis of landscape conditions, sensitivity to architectural mission and issues of scale, commitment to the principles of sustainable design, and respect for client concerns. We are dedicated to an inclusive, collaborative design process that serves art and stewardship.


Each of our designs are crafted in response to the specific requirements of the client, the site, and the larger physical and cultural context, whether that is ecological, architectural, historical and/or institutional. Our goal is to carefully interweave environmental and cultural character and design aesthetic so as to unite site and structure with apparent effortlessness and to create memorable places of distinctive character that are rooted in their geography and enrich the daily lives of individuals and their communities.

We design with NATURE for COMMUNITY and PLACE as described in the following core values:


CLIMATE CHANGE: We believe that good site design and planning process is rooted in ecology and a partnership with laws of nature. Using universal principles of nature, we strive to design resilient landscapes to address complex issues of CO2 sequestration, urban heat mitigation, drought, flooding and other climate change issues.

HABITAT CREATION / PRESERVATION: From topsoil to tree canopy, we design with the goal of creating a complete ecosystem. Each element is carefully studied, designed and integrated into the whole, with the goal of creating a healthy and sustainable ecosystem for all of the planets living systems. 

BLUE/GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE: Nature has given us the tools to mitigate compounding issues of extreme weather from drought and heat waves, to intensified weather events including storms and flooding. Rain gardens and bioswales to help infiltrate and detain stormwater, and tree canopy to improve air quality and cool the earth are just some of the tools we incorporate into your projects. 




HEALTH & WELLNESS: Good design improves health and wellness. It weaves in opportunity for meditative spaces as well as opportunities for outdoor fitness. It connects us to nature and creates space and time for reinvigorating the body and soul. Healing gardens and forests, passive and active recreational opportunities are just some of the ways we craft wellness spaces.


URBAN ECOSYSTEMS: Vibrant living cities are complete ecosystems. They address food insecurities with access to community gardens and other food source. They are streets that integrate pedestrian, bicycle and alternate mode of transportation. They are green cities, with green roofs, and canopy filled streets. These are the spaces we design. 


SOCIAL LIFE: From outdoor classrooms, to plazas and amphitheaters, to vibrant street designs, we design for the comfort and well being of the user, and to create spaces people enjoy, celebrate and that promote social interaction. We believe that art and beauty are the cornerstone of good design.



CULTURAL CONTEXT: We are passionate about the specific culture of each site and are committed to revealing and respecting its identity. Cultural symbolism, historical context and the arts are all woven into our design. These provide layers of meaning and context to place.  


ARCHITECTURAL CONTEXT: Our designs synchronize themselves to the architectural vernacular of the place, as expressed in our material selection and the construction technology we apply to the project. The space we create are an extension of the structure and help to create a unified vibrant sense of ‘place.’


SITE CONTEXT:  As landscape architects, we have the unique expertise to integrate site context into the sense of place. We study the sites topography, it’s spatial organization, its climate, water features, vegetation and wildlife to craft spaces deeply rooted in their genius ‘loci.’

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