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Center for Humanities
Center for Humanities
Center for Humanities
Sun Shade Study at 320 York
Center for Humanities Courtyards
A new 180 seat underground lecture hall provided impetus for a new courtyard design. The new courtyard, while on grade with the adjacent first floor, had all the challenges of typical green roof constructions including loading requirements and planting depths. It was designed to sit above not only the underground lecture hall but also the new storm water retention tank. While the existing design was developed to anticipate student movement and circulation across the space, the new design celebrated place with the goal of having students and faculty enjoy a passive green oasis in the city. Plazas were carved out to encourage impromptu discussions as well as planned events such as music recitals. A large central lawn offers opportunity for enjoying the events as well as event space for large gatherings. A smaller courtyard joined by a glass loggia offers opportunities for more intimate experiences such as reading or enjoying the gardenesque planting. 
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New Haven, CT



Ann Beha Architects