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UKMC Chandler Hospital
UKMC Chandler Hospital Green Roof
UKMC Chandler Hospital Green Roof
University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital Green Roof


For a dramatically more naturalistic and literally ‘green’ view from the patient bedrooms above, T|G designed this extensive green roof. Covering 3/4 acre with shallow trays of light-weight soil, it is planted with a blend of flowering succulent plants, ornamental native grasses and sedges. A ‘dry stream’ of native small river rocks meanders across the surfaces, with light-weight faux boulders fabricated to match local limestone.
The overall effect unifies the roof visually with other adjacent landscapes while providing benefits of added insulation in both summer and winter, as well as limiting storm water runoff from the roof, as the planted areas’ soil absorbs rainfall.


University of Kentucky HealthCare



Lexington, KY


GBBN Architects

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