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Science Complex Master Plan - University of North Carolina


Implemented over three successive phases, the Towers|Golde site design seamlessly integrates this ten-building complex of built and renovated facilities into the fabric of the 1920’s Polk Place landscape. The plan honors not only the scale and the spatial organization of the historic campus core, but also the grid of its pathways and the rhythm of the smaller quadrangles, which flank the central lawn.
Traditional brick walks, lawns with majestic tree canopies, and iconic native rock walls characterize the new complex, disguising the fact that, to meet both the programmatic and aesthetic requirements of the project, many of the landscape spaces are on-grade roof-deck developments above support facilities, which will include a 300-car garage and central delivery area in the final phase.
Community-Social Life
Place-Architectural Context


University of North Carolina



Chapel Hill, NC


Wilson Architects


10.7 acres


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