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In conjunction with the renovation of the University of Kentucky’s 1892 Administration Building, Towers|Golde developed a landscape plan for the historic core of the campus. To recapture the topographic character of the site and the sinuous forms of the original 19th century bucolic landscape, the plan recommended the removal of a 1960’s plaza and more recent parking lot, thereby creating an intimate, informal setting for the University’s oldest and most iconic buildings.
T|G’s plan also addressed both the vehicular and pedestrian arrival sequence, giving prominence and ceremony to the official entry to the University and the new visitor’s center within the renovated building as well as recognizing the significance of the main cross-campus walkway. The plan was accepted by the University’s Trustees and T|G has continued to implement these changes.
The University of Kentucky Historic Core Master Plan



University of Kentucky


Lexington, KY


Kliment Halsband Architects


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