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UConn Science One
UConn Science One
UConn Science One
UConn Science One
UConn Science 1
Materials Science Building - STEM Research Center, University of Connecticut

This project consists of a 190,000 square foot building planned as a teaching and research facility on the University’s main campus. The building is situated on a site of almost 15 acres for which T|G was the lead designer. The siting of the building takes advantage of views while maintaining as much of the native woodland as possible. Situated midslope, the building is visible from the science core campus and primary vehicular entry to campus, yet at the same time is anchored within the surrounding existing landscape. The site design uses both topography and planting to shape space, screen and direct views, while providing a connection to the surrounding context through native plant species and unique combinations indicative of local plant communities.

A primary component of the planned development is a series of bioretention gardens that are linked and extend over 800 linear feet through the landscape. These rain gardens and vegetated swales collect, temporarily stores, infiltrates and cleans 8,630 cubic feet of stormwater. The density of planting integrated into the gardens weaves the natural through the site, effectively extending the existing woodland into the campus. The gardens contribute to a sense of place, while promoting the University’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. The project team is seeking both LEED Gold and SITES Certification.


University of Connecticut


Storrs, CT



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