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Northwest Science Quad
Northwest Science Quad
Northwest Science Quad
Northwest Science Quad
Northwest Science Quad Site Assessment & Development Plan, University of Connecticut
As part of the initial planning for a major expansion of the science core on it’s flagship campus, UConn charged T|G with coordinating a two-part Site Assessment and Development Plan to help guide the planning of the 22-acre site initially prescribed in the University’s Master Plan. Located at the northwest corner of the campus, the site is uniquely situated at a prominent gateway to the university but also directly interfaces with adjacent natural areas providing the University with a unique opportunity to develop an important science expansion as a pedestrian gateway.
Part one of the report provided a comprehensive analysis of the existing site conditions that were thought to influence the future development of the science quad. These included not only the physical aspects of the site itself but also its relationship to campus connections and the natural areas. The analysis findings were then used to facilitate the initial planning efforts undertaken in part two of the report. The objective of the final report and associated plan was to provide a landscape framework that guided the organizational structure and informed both the general arrangement of the landscape and potential building development locations, while fitting them comfortably within the surrounding context.


University of Connecticut


Storrs, CT

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