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UConn Woodland Corridor
UConn Woodland Corridor
UConn Woodland Corridor
UConn Woodland Corridor
UConn Woodland Corridor
UConn Gant Hall Landscape
UConn UConn Gant Hall Landscape(2)
New North Science Pedestrian Corridor, University of Connecticut
A multi-phased project that implements the University’s master plan vision of a pedestrian oriented corridor linking the east and west sides of campus. This corridor, originally defined as the North Woodland Corridor in the university master plan, was meant to be performative and focused on stormwater capture primarily using rain gardens or other surface bioretention measures for infiltration. The corridor evokes the natural landscape integrating the campus with its surroundings while ultimately improving the experience of moving through the campus.
Where possible topography was used to influence wide sweeping walkways that engage the pedestrians as they move through the varied spaces. Planting facilitated the creation of spaces and to direct views while at the same time expanding the university’s arboretum collection with seldomly used native species. The pedestrian experience is further enhanced by rain gardens and vegetated swales bordering portions of the walk providing a rich experience as one travels through the site.  The pedestrian corridor, roughly ½ mile in length is a unifying landscape element on campus with both ecological and experiential benefits to students, faculty and visitors.
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