Gant Building Renovations, University of Connecticut
As part of the renovation of an existing science building on the university’s main campus, T|G was charged with developing solutions which improved the existing building entries which were uninviting and insignificant as arrival points to the building.
Significantly improved entries were proposed using the geometry of the circle, which reflected interior building improvements. By the addition of an enclosing seatwall, updated paving materials and surrounding planting, the entry sequences were enhanced befitting the newly renovated science building.
Part of the improved connections to the surrounding pedestrian circulation system included the initial development of the University’s Woodland Corridor concept, as proposed in a 2015 Master Plan. This planted corridor which corresponds to two major pedestrian circulation routes included more significantly planted areas that incorporated bio-retention areas contributing to a performance based landscape benefiting the University’s overall stormwater strategy.


University of Connecticut


Storrs, CT



Goody Clancy