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McAlister Way Plan
McAlister Way before photo
McAlister Way after photo
McAlister Way before photo
McAlister Way after photo
McAlister Way
McAlister Place, Tulane University 


The conversion of McAlister Street and its diagonal parking to a pedestrian way has transformed the experience of the core of the university's main campus. T|G led the design of this project which addresses image, storm water management, emergency access, tree preservation, accessibility, safety and most especially the quality of campus life, all within the significant constrictions of schedule and budget.
One of the primary constraints of the project were the existing live oak trees lining the street.  The trees which are some of the oldest on campus are an iconic visual element that required thoughtful implementation of the new design to ensure their long-term survival.  While the alignment of the existing roadway was maintained in the final design, the existing parking was itself turned into a series of linked vegetated swales that convey stormwater for almost the entire extent of the project area.  New native plantings were proposed to help unify the length of the pedestrian corridor reinforcing the existing Live Oak alee and providing a visually consistent pedestrian experience.
​The completed project satisfyingly turned an existing vehicular thoroughfare and parking lot which was inadequate and dangerous for pedestrians into a vibrant pedestrian corridor linking the main parts of campus to the north and south.


Tulane University



New Orleans, LA


Wayne Trayer


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