McAlister Way, Tulane University 


The conversion of McAlister Street and its diagonal parking to a narrowed pedestrian way has transformed the experience of the core of this urban campus. T|G led the implementation design of this project which addresses image, sustainability, storm water management, emergency access, preservation, accessibility, and most especially the quality of campus life, all within the significant constrictions of schedule and budget.

McAlister Place was the first phase of the implementation of the Unified Green Master Plan (T|G with Mossop+Michaels) to link the Tulane (McAlister) and Newcomb campuses, thus the focus on the identity/connection of McAlister to the green with a symbolic performance space projected into the multi-use lawn. Subsequent phases will address removal of more parking to create a larger pedestrian environment and more sweeping views of the extraordinary campus landscapes.


Tulane University



New Orleans, LA


Wayne Trayer