Unified Green, Tulane University
Located at the center of the campus, the two historic greens are currently bisected by a road and parking, limiting pedestrian circulation and visually dividing the university’s largest green space. The focus of this project was to remove the physical barrier of the vehicular circulation and replace with a more generous pedestrian pathway system that provides a seamless connection to existing walkways and facilitates pedestrian desire lines while at the same time physically connecting the two spaces and providing a major new place of assembly on campus. This was achieved by introducing a large paved circle that intercepts the new walkway alignments while visually and physically connecting the two greens. This circle is flanked by symmetrical seatwalls and lit by dramatic sculptural multi-fixture light poles. These site improvements along with the proposed large scale university logo in the center pavement effectively designates this space as an important central space and destination on campus where none existed before. Furthermore the circle provides a formal yet flexible space at the center of campus able to accommodate groups large and small. Finally the proposed planting and rain gardens further enhances the pedestrian experience but perhaps most importantly develops a dynamic transition zone between the two greens that provides a pedestrian corridor that can be experienced in a multiple of ways.


Tulane University


New Orleans, LA