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McAlister Plaza, Tulane University
Situated at one end of the University’s largest central greenspace and adjacent to one of the primary pedestrian corridors on campus, McAlister Auditorium resides in one of the most prominent places on campus. The main exterior entry area (which was not ADA accessible) was sorely in need of upgrades and rehabilitation in keeping with both the building’s importance and adjacent pedestrian improvements.
In addition to providing a new fully accessible front entry, new masonry elements reflective of the building materials were proposed to bring the architecture out into the landscape thus defining a landscape threshold/pre-court of an appropriate scale for the building and location. New paving in varying materials, colors and textures further help to define the space while providing a dynamic ground plane. Whereas before the space was ill defined and uninviting it is now a fitting and appropriately scaled landscape entry that provides the opportunity for passersby to linger.


Tulane University


New Orleans, LA




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