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Trumbull College Courtyard
Trumbull College
Trumbull College
Trumbull Collegebull Crop

Trumbull College, Yale Residential College


Designed by James Gamble Rogers assisted by Beatrix Farrand, Landscape Architect, Trumbull College is one of the first nine 1930s residential colleges at Yale, the smallest, but the most picturesque. The collegiate gothic complex, modeled on King’s College at Cambridge, is clustered cozily around three courtyards: Main Court, spacious, grassy, and a wonderful echo chamber; Potty Court, playful and sporty; and Stone Court, quiet, serene,and austere. T|G’s renovations focused on emphasizing the original design intent of these differences, while upgrading pavings and plantings as well as accommodating new underground expansions. The intimate fourth courtyard at the private entrance to the master’s house was similarly renovated with attention to its charm and scale to preserve its historic (and photogenic) qualities; it is the subject of innumerable postcards and visitor’s photos.


Yale University


New Haven, CT


Kieran Timberlake Associates


SCUP/AIA-CAE Excellence in Landscape Architecture Honor Award,

CT Trust for Historic Preservation Award,

AIA Philadelphia Award of Recognition


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