St. Barnabas Hospital Landscape Master Plan


The construction of a major parking structure provided an opportunity for St. Barnabas Hospital to reconsider its precious urban landscape resources. T|G assisted the institution in developing a vision of a gardenesque, pedestrian-friendly campus through a planning process that concluded with a comprehensive and cohesive plan of enhancements to recapture the landscape’s historic beauty and emphasize therapeutic value while clarifying circulation and institutional identity.
Notably, the original sycamore allee of 1933 will be restored as a peaceful, social space with a special memorial garden. Arrival, emergency and service spaces will be enhanced. This visual and social quality of visitor, staff and patient courtyards will be dramatically improved. The perimeter edges, fencing and walls will also be upgraded to present an improved institutional face to the public.


St. Barnabas Hospital



Bronx, NY