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Stone Mill/River
Stone Mill
Stone Mill Patio Materials
Stone Mill Patio
NYBG Water Cycle
Stone Mill Plan
Stone Mill Front
Lillian and Amy Goldman Stone Mill, New York Botanical Gardens


In 1840, the Lorillard family built this stone mill on the banks of the Bronx River. It housed their advanced tobacco processing operations. Now recognized as a noted example of early industrial architecture, it has been designated both a New York City and a National Historic Landmark; however, for decades it was all but abandoned and even after a 1950’s renovation as a tea room, it was in woeful condition.
As a part of a massive renovation / restoration effort to stabilize the building and to create both an events space and horticulture staff offices, T|G’s site designs emphasized best practices for storm water management as they balance historic authenticity with code requirements, events programming and the expectations of current users. The arrival court and the riverfront terrace design were especially sensitively handled.


New York Botanical Gardens


Bronx, NY



EYP/Cooper Robertson & Partners


LEED Silver


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