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NYBG Everett Children's Garden
NYBG Everett Children's Garden
NYBG Everett Children's Garden
NYBG Everett Children's Garden
ECAG Overall Layout Plan
Everett Children's Adventure Garden, New York Botanical Garden
T|G is providing the lead for the design of all surface site improvements for the 12 acre Everett Children’s Adventure Garden (ECAG). When first opened back in 1998, it was considered the most ambitious children’s education project in the US. T|G working closely with NYBG and the Exhibit Designers, have focused the improvements on maximizing the nature play experience for children of all ages. These include meandering paths along the oldest forest in New York City, renovating a boulder scramble, a new boardwalk leading children to explore the wonders of an abutting wetland and pond, a wattle maze for the very youngest ones, and a new universally accessible tree house nestled among existing pine trees and providing views and vistas to the overall garden. The site features encourage exploration (a kids meadow encouraging children to run and ‘get lost’) and are designed to encourage risk taking (boulder climbing/jumping), and increase confidence.  Bugs and plants are at the heart of this garden, and designing opportunities for discovery, play and education for many young children whose first encounter with a butterfly, a toad or how photosynthesis works are the focus. Nature in their backyard, is what ECAG provides to all visitors and gives a window to a world of wonder to many inner kids.


New York Botanical Garden


Bronx, NY


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