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NYBG Verey Garden
NYBG Verey Garden
NYBG Verey Garden
NYBG Verey Garden
NYBG Verey Garden
Barnsley Beds, New York Botanical Garden


The design for the Barnsley Beds was inspired by the work of Rosemary Verey, an internationally known English garden designer and writer who designed the famous garden at Barnsley House. Verey’s signature style was incorporating large architectural arrangements found in public gardens and translating them to a scale more suitable for home gardeners. Towers|Golde, working closely with NYBG, led the design for the new semi-private ornamental vegetable garden inspired by Verey’s principles. The garden serves as a teaching garden and a public space for gatherings and events. Included in the site improvements are a new vegetable garden framework, layout of stone dust paths; fenced areas; coordination with new tram stop. Extensive consideration and attention was given to the protection of the existing Hornbeam hedge considered by the garden to be a key cultural asset and which now creates the living walls that define the space. 


New York Botanical Garden



Bronx, NY

Project Area:

5 acres

Current exhibit:

African-American Garden: Remembrance and Resilience


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