Northwest Science Quad Infrastructure, University of Connecticut
An expansive utility project through the heart of the science campus afforded the opportunity to begin the implementation of the North Woodland Corridor, a major element of the Campus Master Plan. The Woodland Corridor’s primary objective is to integrate the natural surroundings with the campus while providing an enhanced east west pedestrian connection.
Pre-project conditions were dominated by vehicular pavements, inadequately scaled walkways and topography that divided the site. The walkways were redesigned at a wider width and with broad sweeping arcs that bring pedestrians through a variety of experiences heightened by diverse woodland plantings and topography. In addition, the existing roadway was narrowed, realigned and incorporated with bioswales to be more in keeping with the naturalistic vision and to try to lessen the impact of the vehicular access. The regrading of the site allowed more generously designed and appropriately scaled building entries while fully integrating the three adjacent buildings within the site. The new pedestrian corridor provides an impactful and memorable connection though the heart of the science campus.


University of Connecticut



Storrs, CT