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The Hotchkiss School - Mars Athletic Center
This significant athletic complex wraps around an existing hockey rink and includes a fitness center, natorium, field house, tennis and squash courts, wrestling room, a second hockey rink, and support facilities. The site design required T|G’s sensitive collaboration with the design team to insert the complex into a dramatically sloping site and to create direct pedestrian connections to the main campus to the west and playing fields to the east and south. The site program also included a new entry drive, dropoff and parking for 125 cars.
The project was also the first opportunity to demonstrate this elite New England school’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its plans to create a native plant arboretum. The resultant unique design featured native plants whose wood has athletic applications, from hickory skis to dogwood golf clubs. Students were involved in tagging the material and developing a brochure explaining the approach.


The Hotchkiss School



Lakeville, CT


Ellerbe Beckett



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