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Yale School of Medicine
Yale School of Medicine
Yale School of Medicine
Yale School of Medicine
This vital corridor is the pedestrian spine of Yale’s School of Medicine. It is also both the vehicular arrival to the School’s ‘front door’ and its major service artery. Towers|Golde has redesigned the street to create an urbane environment that will encourage social use, facilitate service, improve safety, and dramatically enhance the image of this prestigious institution. The scheme is characterized by tree-flanked sidewalks, decorative entry plazas, seating, and safer separation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Under-grounding of utilities and replacement of utilitarian street lights with historic style pedestrian fixtures identify this as a special campus place, differentiating it from the surrounding public ways.
Streetscape Improvements on Cedar Street, Yale School of Medicine



Yale University, City of New Haven



New Haven, CT

Community-Social Life
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