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Newcomb-McAlister Unified Green Master Plan, Tulane University 


Towers|Golde’s on-going relationship with Tulane began in 2007 with a design advisory role on the Newcomb-McAlister Unified Green Master Plan which proposed a pedestrian core to the campus, consolidating the once separate Tulane and Newcomb College landscapes around a common Green bordered by enhanced pedestrian amenities, increased access and a new pedestrian mall where once was the University’s busiest vehicular way.  T|G has taken the lead in the implementation of the plan accomplished in three major phases to date. As the second phase of the implementation of the Unified Green MP, the project sucessfully completes the transformation of the student center quadrangle as a pedestrian and social mecca, while recognizing desire line traffic, maintenance limitations and the extraordinary sensitivity of the iconic live oaks defining its perimeter.
In aggregate, T|G’s influence of the experience of the campus and the enhancement of its landscape regional character has been truly transformative and yet it is hard to believe that the campus was ever otherwise. 


Tulane University



New Orleans, LA

Project Area: 

600,000 s.f.


Mossop + Michaels w/ Towers|Golde


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