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New Haven, Connecticut






The City of New Haven


Newman Architects


AIA CT Design Award

This joint Town/Gown project sought to re-establish the pedestrian vitality of a strategic retail precinct at the confluence of urban and campus life.ᅠ Drawing on historical photographs from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, the design team restored the visually and spatially meaningful elements of the past while enhancing contemporary infrastructure to meet current safety concerns while anticipating future needs.


Towers|Golde’s landscape improvements added cast iron fencing, period lighting, and elm trees, while the greater plan addressed pedestrian safety, vehicular circulation, and parking.ᅠ Utilities were buried to enhance retail visibility and allow greater pedestrian flow.ᅠ Soldier’s Monument Park was enlarged and incorporated into the district as were peripheral sidewalks and pedestrian amenities.

85 WILLOW ST NEW HAVEN CT 06511  203 773 1153

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